Hi, I'm Dúnia Esper

Hi there!

I’m Dúnia Esper, a graphic designer who graduated from the Federal University of Goiás (UFG), Brazil, in 2014. II have a Post-Baccalaureate degree in Branding, Editorial and Digital Design at the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil. I have also taken courses in Motion Design to further enhance my skills.

I have been working as Graphic Designer since 2012, gaining valuable experience in agencies, studios, and as a freelancer in various cities across Brazil. Towards the end of 2022, I relocated to Switzerland.

Currently, my work primarily focuses on Graphic, Motion and Digital Design, areas that have been greatly influenced by my personal passion project: my podcast.

Software, Tools & SKILLS 


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Media Encoder
  • WordPress
  • HTML / CSS
  • Invision


  • Audacity
  • Adobe Audition
  • Sound editing
  • Podcast recording
  • XML archives (for create a feed)
  • Spotify Podcast

Social Media

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Tik Tok
  • Twitter
  • Cap Cut
  • Meta Business Suite
  • Later –  Social Media Management
  • Trello

Language speaks 


Native proficiency


Full professional proficiency


Upper Intermediate – B2