Wellness Clinic

Website developed for Wellness Clinic in Campinas, Brazil.

The concept of the clinic is based on sophistication, health, and well-being, and the visual identity of the website needed to follow the same path.

The website was built on WordPress and uses the Divi Theme. It is fully responsive.

Wellness Clinic - Homepage
Wellness Clinic - Homepage
Mobile versions of sections of the homepage.
Image showing the animations designed for user navigation.
Visual elements created for the website's visual identity.

The color palette was chosen based on the earthy colors of the logo, creating harmonious variations so that the graphic elements could add personality to the website without stealing attention from the content.

The website was designed with responsiveness in mind, so there were few modifications to the sections and areas during this process. Headers and Call To Actions could be reused to maintain consistency across both desktop and mobile versions of the site.

Pages: About the Clinic and Specialties.
Illustrative photo present on the About the Clinic page.
Mobile version of the About the Clinic page.
Mobile version of the Dermatology page.
Illustrative photo used in the Dermatology page.
Mobile version of Call to Actions and Headers.