Logo - SmartComerci

SmartComerci was founded in 2019 with the purpose of providing Ecommerce solutions for supermarkets and grocery stores
of all sizes.

The visual identity project was led by me and designer Renan Bonin. We created a symbol that combines the shopping cart (an essential item and easily associated with shopping) and the concept of pixels, representing the online environment and the technology that the company provides.

Business card
Symbol concept - combination of a shopping cart and pixels
Symbol - Smartcomerci
Logo - monochromatic version
Logo - horizontal version
Envelope, folder, and letterhead

SmartComerci’s printed materials

The next challenge was to create promotional materials for the presentation and promotion of SmartComerci at trade shows and events. The key promotional piece was the brochure, where the entire company concept was presented in a clear and direct manner.

Brochure - outer part
Brochure - inner part

Brochure for trade shows and events